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Death of Canon Michael McLean

It has been announced that Canon Michael McLean died on Monday 6th November, at home in Walsingham. He was aged 85.

Fr Michael returned to live in Walsingham in January this year, a place which had been such an important part of his life, and where he served as Shrine Priest under the then Priest Administrator, Fr Colin Stephenson. Fr Michael went on from the Shrine to exercise a distinguished ministry as a Parish Priest in the Diocese of Norwich and as Canon Treasurer of Norwich Cathedral. His gifts as a pastor and preacher, together with his sense of humour and loyalty as a friend are some of the many qualities we will all remember about Fr Michael. We give thanks to God and pray for him, that he may rest in the peace of his Lord and rejoice for ever in company with Mary and all the Saints.

Fr Michael’s funeral will be held at the Shrine Church in Walsingham. His body will be received into the Holy House at 5.00 pm on Monday 20th November and will rest overnight. The Funeral Mass will be held in the Shrine Church at 12 noon on Tuesday 21st November. Clergy are invited to robe in cassock, cotta and purple stole

The Priest Administrator would be grateful if those priests intending to attend the funeral would let him know beforehand. Please email or telephone 01328 824204 (please leave a message).

Walsingham Festival at Chichester Cathedral

Saturday 14th October 2017

A cloudy morning greeted the 1,000 or so people who came to Chichester for the Walsingham Festival from across the south of England. In addition to the Bishop of Burnley (The Rt Revd Philip North - Master of the Guardians), the cathedral welcomed the Bishop of Chichester (The Rt Revd Dr Martin Warner), Bishop Alan Chesters (former Bishop of Blackburn and Honorary Guardian), Bishop John Hind (former Bishop of Chichester) and Bishop Nicholas Reade (former Bishop of Blackburn).

Fr Kevin Smith, the Shrine's Priest Administrator, preached at the 12 noon Mass. He explained the significance of the Feast of the Translation of the Image* (15th October) and the restoration of the Shrine - and how our faith in centred on God's work in Christ who restores all things in him. Fr Kevin continued by affirming that Walsingham is a place of healing, restoration and hope for all pilgrims who seek God and the help of Our Lady's prayers.

Following Mass, the cathedral - both inside and outside - was the scene of a giant picnic and much greeting of old friends and acquaintances. After lunch Fr Kevin introduced the Healing Ministries. Pilgrims were sprinkled with water from the Shrine's well outside the cathedral on the West Lawn (fortunately the weather had cheered up - beautiful, warm sunshine greeted everyone) before they made their way through the cloisters to the Lady Chapel at the east end of the cathedral for the Laying-on of Hands. Anointing was available at the Shrine of S. Richard of Chichester. There was a quiet and prayerful atmosphere throughout the ministries - very much a "Procession of Prayer".

Benediction was given by the Bishop of Chichester - the first time Benediction has been given in the cathedral since the Reformation! Benediction was given to the sick and disabled first, before the rest of the congregation.

It was a great joy for Fr Kevin to meet Walsingham pilgrims from Chichester and surrounding dioceses and to share with them in the Eucharist and in the distinctive devotions and ministries celebrated at the Shrine - a joyful and prayerful day. And who will forget the entry into the cathedral of the Image of OLW - greeted by a magnificent fanfare!

Many thanks to Fr John Eldridge and his team for organising the festival day and to the Dean and Chapter of Chichester Cathedral for their welcome.

* On the 15th October 1931 the image of Our Lady of Walsingham was 'translated' with great ceremony from the Parish Church to the newly built Shrine Church and Holy House.

Click here to visit the Photo Gallery images of the day.

Priests and Deacons' Retreat Pilgrimage 2018

Adoremus 2017 - at Walsingham 24 - 26 November

Are you a young adult who takes your faith seriously and wants to learn more?


A Weekend of Christian teaching and pilgrimage for students and young adults up to 35 years old - with Fr Grant Naylor (Priest-in-Charge - S. Matthew, Carver Street, Sheffield), Fr Jack Noble (Curate - St Martin, Ruislip, Middx), Fr Ed Morrison (Curate - St Wilfred, Cantley, Doncaster) and Elizabeth Lees (Development Worker of the Sheffield Hickleton Mission Partnership).


Adoremus is a weekend programme at the Shrine specifically designed for students and young adults. The weekend offers opportunities for faith sharing, catechesis, prayer and fellowship. We invite you to join us as we journmey in faith and discipleship to a deeper understandingof Jesus Christ and His Church.

To book your place contact the Hospitality Department email: or tel: 01328 820239. The cost: Students £70; Working Adults £90.

Click here for an A4 PDF poster.

Father Philip Barnes

It has been announced that Fr Philip Barnes, Interim Priest Administrator of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, has been appointed as Priest-in-Charge of St Stephen’s, Gloucester Road and Mission Advisor for the Fulham Area in the Diocese of London.

Fr Barnes has given outstanding service to the Shrine and especially over the past 18 months during a time of transition and following the appointment of the new Priest Administrator. He will continue to contribute to the work and life of the Shrine as a Guardian of the Holy House.

Fr Barnes will take up his new post in September. His farewell Mass will be in the Shrine Church at Walsingham on the Solemnity of SS Peter & Paul on Thursday 29th June at 11 am, to which all are welcome.

Please pray for him and for those he will serve in London.

Bible Week 2017: Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October

Bearer of the Word - Our Lady in Sacred Scripture

At the heart of Walsingham is the proclamation that through Mary's 'Yes' to God "the Word became flesh and dwelt among us". In Jesus we have received God's living Word, who comes to us with gifts of mercy and love.

For centuries pilgrims have made their way to 'England's Nazareth" to experience these gifts in a particular way through prayer for forgiveness, healing, consolation and renewal. Here, with Mary, we strive to respond to God's will. From here, with Mary, we go out to share the gospel.

During this Bible Week we reflect together from study, prayer, worship and stillness on Mary's part in God's plan of Salvation, as revealed in Sacred Scripture.

Keynote Speakers:

The Revd Canon Nicholas Turner (Rector of Broughton (All Saints), Marton & Thornton, North Yorks) - Our Lady in the Old Testament.

The Revd Dr A K M Adam (Senior Tutor, S. Stephen's House, Oxford) - Our Lady in the Gospels

The Revd Dr Peter Anthony (Vicar of S. Benet & All Saints, Kentish Town, London, formerly Junior Dean of S. Stephen's House) - Our Lady in the Apocalypse.

Full Cost: £223; children under 16 and students: £102

Click here for an information/application brochure.


New Shrine Priest takes up appointment at Walsingham

Fr Andreas Wenzel, currently Assistant Curate at S. Peter’s, Horbury with S. John Horbury Bridge, Wakefield, has been appointed as the new Shrine Priest of the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in succession to Fr Graham Lunn, who is moving to be PiC of S. Michael, Beckenham.

Fr Andreas, who is married to Zoe, trained for the priesthood at St Stephen’s House, Oxford before being ordained in 2014 into the Diocese of Leeds. The couple have two young children, Miriam and Robert.

The Shrine Priest works with the Priest Administrator by providing priestly support and spiritual nourishment to pilgrims, tourists and visitors.

The Priest Administrator, Fr Kevin Smith, said ”I am very pleased indeed that Fr Andreas has agreed to come and join us at Walsingham and I know he will bring very special gifts which will be warmly received by those to whom he will minister.” He added: “I am particularly delighted that the new Shrine Priest will work alongside and develop further our ministry to children, schools and young people.”

Fr Andreas added: “Coming here with a young family it will be a great privilege to live next door to the Holy House in such close proximity to the Holy Family of Nazareth. I am delighted that the next phase of my priestly ministry is in this inspiring setting equipping me in different ways for the mission in God’s church.”

The new Shrine Priest will be licensed by the Bishop of Norwich in his chapel on Saturday 4th March and welcomed later that day at Mass in the Shrine at 12 noon

A New Badge to help the Lantern Appeal

The Lantern Badge is designed to be a companion to the 950 badge which proved very popular with members. This new badge - based on Michael Coles' Milner Wing window is darker in mood.

Owls do scrike where the sweetest hymns
Lately were sung;
Toads and serpents hold their dens
Where the palmers did throng.

So runs one of the verses of the Lament for Our Lady's Shrine at Walsingham (often attributed to Blessed Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel). The poet writing in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, reflects on the destruction of the Shrine by the former "Prince of Walsingham" - Henry VIII - with his reformation of the english Church.


The badge shows the Shrine Church resting on the outstretched hand of Fr Patten. But "dark night has come down" on the Shrine Church - and whilst toads may not yet be hopping across the chancel or owls screeching in the nave - there is a very large hole in the rotten timbers of the lantern tower. The sale of this badge to members could raise over £8,000 for the Lantern Appeal.




The new badge costs £10 - and is only available to Priests/Deacons Associate, Walsingham Partners and members of the Society of OLW. Click here to buy a badge using the Appeal page on this website.

The Walsingham Pilgrim Manual - 2016

For the past few years the Shrine has produced an annual Pilgrim Manual specifically tailored to each year's particular Marian theme. For 2016 a return has been made to the larger, more comprehensive manual which was last produced in 2005 and used until 2011. This new edition of the manual is intended to be used for the next few years and is appropriate for use both whilst on pilgrimage to the Shrine and also back home within parishes and Cells of Our Lady of Walsingham.

The manual contains a good selection of 40 (mostly) Marian hymns in addition to those hymns used at specific liturgies (Stations of the Cross, Benediction etc.)

Two sizes of manual are available - the standard, pocket size and the large-print version. Both cost £2.00 and are available from Reception or the Shrine Shop.


Holy House Lamps and Membership Payments

Understandably with the growth of personal online banking and the ability to set up one’s own Standing Orders and to make a BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services) payment, many members are choosing to use this quick and efficient facility. But – and it’s a big but – you must ensure that the payment reference is sufficiently informative for us in Walsingham to identify from whom the payment has come. The only information we receive is the reference you give when setting up a standing order or a BACS payment. Unfortunately, we have a small number of regular payments that we are unable to identify. Thank you for the payments, but we wish we knew who you are! There is also a common misunderstanding about the Payee (or Payment) Reference.  It is not intended to provide you the donor with information. You get that from the Payee Name that you enter; we get the Payee Reference - which tells us about you. So please don't put WCTA Ltd (or Shrine, Walsingham, Holy House etc.) in the reference. We know who we are! We want to know who you are.

If you wish to pay the annual donation for a Holy House lamp then please use our lamp reference number which you will find on the annual reminder letter. A reference such as Lamp 104 is all we need to identify who the payment is from and what it is for.

With payments for the Society, Partnership, Priests Associate – and also payments to the Hospitality Department (deposits, etc.) – please include in the reference the following abbreviations as appropriate – Soc, Part, PAHH, Dep – and as much of your name and location as possible. Don’t waste valuable reference space using titles; Mr and Mrs Freddy Fanshawe arrives on our bank statements as “Mr and Mrs Fr”which is not much help, whereas F. Fanshawe is much more helpful. To be super-efficient, telephone the Membership Office (01328 820582) and we will give you a short reference number which will instantly identify you. Leave a message (if we’re not there) and we will call you back.





Lighthouse / Holy House

Friday 17th - Sunday 19th November

Click here for information and a Booking Form


Monday 5th - Friday 9th February

Click here for information and a Booking Form


Star Trekkers

Friday 16th - Sunday 18th March 2018

Click here for information and a Booking Form


Fr Roger Davison R.I.P.

Fr Roger's funeral Mass took place earlier this year in the Chapel of the College of St Barnabas at Lingfield. A Memorial Requiem Mass was offered for him at the Shrine on Tuesday 3rd October at 12 noon (immediately after Guardians' Chapter). His ashes were then interred in front of the altar at Station 4 - the Oratory of Our Lady of Pity.

A photograph from c.1964 of Fr Roger (from the Guardians' Gallery).

Fr Michael Whitehead (Registrar of the College of Guardians from 1985-2009) writes:

Canon Roger Davison C.M.P. has died at the ripe old age of 97 at the College of S. Barnabas, Lingfield.  Though a Canon of Manchester Cathedral and a Guardian of the Holy House since 1964, he was universally known as Father Roger.

Like so many of his generation he was caught up in the Second World War.  He served in the Army and while in the Middle East he offered himself for the Priesthood and when demobbed went for training with the Society of the Sacred Mission at Kelham, near Newark.

Fr Roger ministered in only two parishes: St. Augustine’s Tonge Moor, in Bolton, both as Curate and then Vicar.  He may have thought he would remain there, but a terrible road accident caused the death of the Vicar of Higham Ferrers on his way home from Walsingham.  So Fr Roger succeeded him.

A master craftsman as a parish priest he was just the sort of priest Fr Colin Stephenson wanted in the College of Guardians.  A lifelong pilgrim and the leader of countless parish pilgrimages, he loved Our Lady and was welcome in many parishes for his arresting homilies and outgoing personality.

He was famous for his parish magazine articles.  None of your staid ‘Views from the Vicarage’, but racy  and hilarious comments with a full faith punch line.  He was still writing them until a month or so ago!

Fr Roger worked closely with the late Lord Norton, a fellow Guardian, in the care and development of Parcevall Hall in Yorkshire, with its Retreat House and famous gardens created by Sir William Milner


Fr Roger’s Funeral Mass will take place later this month in the Chapel of the College of St Barnabas, Lingfield. A Memorial Requiem Mass will be offered for him at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham on Tuesday 3rd October at 12 noon, to which all are welcome.

Jesu, mercy. Mary, pray.


The Shrine's Honorary Photographer, Graham Howard, has come up with a splendid idea. From the vast number of photographs he has taken during this year, he has selected his favourite images and made them available to everyone on a special Photo Gallery website. This gallery will be updated regularly  - i.e. the National Pilgrimage 2009 photos will replace those of 2008 - providing a complete view of a pilgrimage year. Click here to visit the Photo Gallery portal and then proceed to the gallery proper.

Chapel of Prayer for Young People

The Chapel of St Thomas and Philip Neri dedicated to the mystery of the finding of Jesus in the Temple when he was 12 years old, has been set aside as a place where pilgrims and visitors are invited to pray for young people.

Pilgrims and visitors are invited to kneel before the altar with the depiction of the soon to be teenage Jesus above and pray the following prayer:

Lord, send your blessing upon the young people of the world and protect them from the false shepherds of this passing age. Give to them a gift of discernment and the gift of faith, that like your Son, they may increase in wisdom and in stature and in favour with you and with all humankind.
To your Church and all who would seek an influence in their lives, give a profound sense of love and respect and a renewed desire to serve and encourage the young as they live the great adventure, which is the very gift of life entrusted to us all. Amen

A lovely new book available from the Shrine Shop which has been produced to help pilgrims get the most out of the rather different Beatitude Stations, which can be found around the cloisters near the round tower in the Shrine gardens. The artist Jane Quail - using the Beatitudes from St Matthew's gospel to explore the Passion of Christ - has created a beautiful series of plaques. The book contains prayers and meditations specially written by Fr Bruce Carlin and there are splendid photographs by Graham Howard to accompany each station.  This book only costs £3.95 and is worth having even if you are unlikely to visit Walsingham and the Beatitude Stations in the near future. This book can be bought on-line.

The Holy House Mass Book

A new edition has recently been published by the Shrine. This contains the six Shrine Masses, plus The Solemnity of OLW and the Feast of the Trans-

Also included are the forms of service for admission to the Society of OLW, setting up a Cell of OLW and setting up a Shrine of OLW.

Copies can be obtained from the Shrine Shop price £3.50 - order directly on-line; go to Shrine Shop/On-line.




One suspects that most pilgrims to Walsingham are only too glad to leave their computers at home or at work and escape for a day or so from the hassle of emails and internet searches.

However, there are those who sometimes need to check their emails whilst away from base and in order to help those pilgrim, we have installed various WiFi Hotspots around the Shrine - in Norton's Café Bar, Reception, the Green Room in Stella Maris, the Orangery and S. Augustine's (library and study bedrooms).







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